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Drabble: Cocktease

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Paring: Hikaru Hitachiin x Tamaki Suoh x Kaoru Hitachiin
Title: Cocktease
Rating: T, just for safty
Warning[s]: Threesome/yaoi
Notes: This is part of my '100 Days, 100 Ways' colletion od 100-worded drabbles. This is the only twinsxTamaki on I got so far! ^^ Enjoy!


The Hitachiin twins knew how to get a reaction out of the Suoh heir. They knew how to move so they caught his eye, talk so they made him shut up, look so they made him look away.

They knew how to trip him up while playing the Which One’s Hikaru game, how and where to tickle him while splayed across a sofa, how to moan just right so that he’d climax. They knew how to hold him afterward, to bask in afterglow leisurely.

And they still knew how to poke, prod, tease and toy with him until he cried.

Tags: fanfiction, hikaru x kaoru x tamaki

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