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The Hikaru x Kaoru x Tamaki Community

The Hikaru x Kaoru x Tamaki Community
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Hikaru x Kaoru x Tamaki discussion, fanfiction, and more for Ouran fans!
Welcome to the community for Ouran Host Club fans who enjoy the pairing of Hikaru x Kaoru x Tamaki (in any order or way)! Although the focus primarily is on the pairing of the twins and their Tono, the community welcomes anyone who wants to discuss any aspect of their relationship in the anime and manga, whether it's friendship or otherwise.

We also welcome work or discussion that only involves one of the twins and Tamaki, if only to spread more love. <3 So Hikaru x Tamaki, or Kaoru x Tamaki, fans, please join!

Please join us and feel free to start posting or discussing! <3

There are only a very few rules:

1. Respect. Respect everyone's opinion and work, because we're all just here to have fun.

2. Any fanfiction or fanart that merits a Mature/NC-17 rating must be friend-locked.

3. Put all large images or bodies of text under lj-tags, please! <3

4. I really ask members not to post items that are strictly Hikaru x Kaoru, with no mention of Tamaki whatsoever. Why would I enforce this rule while I let one twin and Tamaki pairing items get past? Simply because there is a Hikaru x Kaoru community out there, and I've no desire to inch in on their grounds. If you have a Hikaru x Kaoru piece that involves some Tamaki, then I will look the other way. After I've looked at it gleefully.

And that's it.

Thanks again and I hope you have some fun here. Soon, I'll be posting a masterlist of all of the twins x Tono fanfiction and art out there that I've been able to find, so keep looking! <3

- Kay_Cricketed